Being part of the ROCKWOOL Group, at Lapinus we’re all about enriching people’s lives using the natural power of stone. Stone wool is well known around the world for the insulation of buildings. At Lapinus, we use the same base material, basalt rock, and a similar production process to serve a diverse range of global markets.


Every day, hundreds of millions of people rely on their car brakes when travelling. One of the key components of passenger care brake pads are mineral fibres. Lapinus is global market leader in mineral fibres and combines this with deep knowledge and understanding of brake pad formulations. Together with our customers, we enable a safe and comfortable braking experience.

Urban Climate Adaptation

Two of the largest trends in the world today are urbanization and climate change. There are more intense rain showers, longer periods of drought and higher temperatures causing heat stress. Especially in urban areas, it is the challenge to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. With Rockflow, we create underground buffers made of stone wool elements to collect, hold, release and filter rainwater. This solution prevents sewer overflows and helps to restore the natural water balance in a city.

Urban Acoustics

Noise is an increasing problem in dense urban area. With RockDelta and Noistop, we lower the noise and vibration in the urban area. Rockdelta offers solutions placed under railway tracks to lower the vibration of trains and trams when passing by. Noistop reduces noise by offering a range of acoustic fences. The stone wool in the centre of the panel effectively absorbs noise, ensuring a quiet living environment.