HoSt Group

What do we do?

Together, we make the energy transition possible. Together, we are building a sustainable future.

Realising the greatest challenge we have ever known: the energy transition to sustainable energy. That's what we do at the HoSt Group. With a strong and talented team, a deeply rooted entrepreneurial culture, innovative technologies and the many international successes and milestones, we are making this transition possible worldwide. Our team, spread across 7 countries, is committed to technological solutions and innovations for renewable energy worldwide and is dedicated to achieving sustainability ambitions. Thinking about building an energetic career with a purpose? We would love to engage with you, because being part of the dynamic HoSt team means building together a world that is livable and habitable for the upcoming generations of this planet.

 Who are we?

The HoSt Group is a large second-generation global family business dedicated to sustainable energy technologies. By producing renewable energy and high-quality end products from methane emitting raw materials such as manure, sewage sludge and food waste, we ensure the reduction of all kinds of emissions. HoSt stands out as a forerunner in technological innovation contributing to the success of a circular economy and the development and acceleration of the wider energy transition. Besides its headquarters in the Netherlands, HoSt has offices in America, France, Latvia, Poland, Germany and England and over 300 built plants in more than 30 countries across four continents. For the systems supplied by HoSt, HoSt has 24/7 service and maintenance teams.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are deeply rooted at HoSt, with our technologies being the result of in-house development - such as several patents, a continuously strong R&D programme and strong global growth in terms of people and projects.

 Your future at HoSt

Every year we welcome new colleagues, but also many students for an exciting job or internship and the chance to move on. New people means new ideas, opportunities and growth in all areas. At HoSt, we make sure you get all the room you need to grow within your function, department or cross-department. Within a traineeship, you get an active role within a (research) project and contribute to the development of products, technologies and/or innovations. We regularly organise excursions to our bioenergy plants where you will learn all about the processes, techniques and challenges applied. Curious? We would like to talk to you about the opportunities at HoSt and how you envision your future within our company.

Visit HoSt Group | Careers ( for all career opportunities, internships and traineeships at the HoSt Group. Or contact: for internships and for vacancies or an open application.

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