Japie Jackpot

Thursday 9 September, 16:00 – Friday 17 June, 12:00

This year, we hope to have an agenda full of activities again. To add some more fun to this, we have invented the Japie Jackpot. At the end of the year there will be a big draw with a €300,- prize pool with multiple prizes. Members can earn tickets by participating in activities. The more activities you join, the better the chance to win, but even when joining a single activity, you can be a winner. Activities should meet the following conditions to count towards this action:

  • It should be mandatory to subscribe and this should be possible on the Japie website
  • The activity costs at least €1,-.*
  • The activity actually took place and the participant was present.

* The following activities are excluded from this rule, as they were changed and no participant contribution was asked any more: ACTcIE Summer Joy, EJC nightmare before Christmas, LadyCie: Letter Themed Game Night and MECnopoly Tallinn edition.

  • Location: Japie room
  • Maximum participants: 1000