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T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’

T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’, also known as ‘Japie’, is the study association of the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Technology Eindhoven. Japie is an association run by and for students in order to look after the interests of the students of the department and to provide them with the opportunity to develop themselves.

“Een echte lamp is vierkant!”


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  • Candidates 7th lustrum committee F.O.R.T. 'Pie Debye'

    The 64th board of T.S.V. 'Jan Pieter Minckelers' and the 34th committee F.O.R.T. 'Pie Debye' are honored and pleased to announce that the candidates for the 7th lustrumcommittee F.O.R.T. 'Pie Debye',are the following:

    o  Chairman                                               Casper Vermeulen

    o  Treasurer                                               Sanne Litjens

    o  Stock Manager                                     Marten Kuijken

    o  Coordinator of Activities                     Jochem van Ierssel

  • Candidates for the XIIIth lustrum board

    The 64th board of T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ is honored and pleased to announce that the candidates for the XIIIth lustrum board of T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ are the following:

    o  Chairman                                                         Colette Keurentjes

    o  Secretary                                                         Maaike Kern

    o  Treasurer                                                         Twan Scheres

    o  Coordinator of Educational Affairs               Sander van den Brink

    o  Coordinator of External Affairs                     Matthijs Mulder

  • Filmcrew wanted for the ONCS!

    Dear members, during Ascension day, the ONCS will take place after two years of COVID! The organisation asked whether some of our members are interested in joining the Filmcrew for this event. If you are interested or would like to know more about your task, do not hesitate to reach out to the board by email or in the Japieroom!

  • Social Safety at TU/e

    In our association we want to ensure an atmosphere in which everybody can feel physically, mentally and emotionally safe.

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