When it comes to producing salt, essential chemicals and energy solutions for industry, Nobian is a European market leader. We provide products and chemicals that are essential to modern society and everyday life. Salt and electrochemistry are connected to roughly two thirds of all chemical production and our products serve a wide range of markets. From, for example, construction, cleaning, aluminum, and paper, to insulation, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, hydrogen, energy storage, plastics, paints, and batteries. Salt mining and electrochemistry, as ordinary as it seems, are essential for our modern way of living. They are strategic resources which are indispensable to produce essential materials as well as for the energy transition.

We have strong drive to #GrowGreenerTogether with our partners. It is our ambition to become one of the most sustainable chemical companies in Europe. We’re determined to deliver on our targets to become carbon neutral by 2040, with 100% renewable energy, by 2040.

We want to help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint with our green products, accelerate growth in new, impactful markets, and engage meaningfully with our people and communities. We’re committed to caring for both people and the environment.