Study Related


Academic Advisor

Department specific contact point when you encounter personal and study problems.
Every study program has an academic advisor who knows everything about the program, the scheduling, the department, etc. For ways to plan your study program, study progress, catching up on lectures or exams because of illness, your choice of specializations and electives, please contact the department’s academic advisor. An academic advisor can also request students to come in based on study progress and he/she can also refer students to the student counsellor or psychologist.

First Year Mentor

Contact point for first year students regarding practical matters.
Every first-year student will receive guidance from a student mentor appointed by the department during the first year of his/her Bachelor’s program.

The student mentor is a second year or third year (or further) student. He/she will help you with all your practical issues that may arise when you start studying at the university (e.g. registration of courses, online sources, redirection: where to find what or who and how) but he/she can also explain you about effective study skills (i.e., how to plan, how to study big books, how to prepare for exams). In the first few weeks student mentors will meet weekly with their group of first year students, and as time goes on the frequency will depend on the important topics to be discussed with first year students. If you haven't been assigned a student mentor, please contact the academic advisor of your department.

Study Management Advisor

Study related questions/problems concerning for example: concentration/motivation, day- and night rhythm, planning & organizing.
Studying demands considerable independence and discipline. If you are not satisfied with your study progress or your exam results are disappointing, then the TU/e can help you improve your study output. Study management consists of various forms of support: you can make use of individual coaching from one of the study management advisors, or work in a group.

Study Choice Advisor

Questions or problems regarding study choice, for example switching to a different study program or choosing a Master program.
The study choice advisor can help you with questions pertaining to the study choice process. Questions can be related to doubts you have about your present or future choice of study and figure out what to choose. Moreover, it is also possible to discuss, and get insight in, which studies best match your interest and abilities together with the study choice advisor.