Personal Development


Study Association

Association where you can connect with other students from your department.
T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’, Japie, is the study association for all the students of Chemical engineering and Chemistry, for both bachelor and master students. The goals of Japie can be split up into three categories: education, self-development and fun. The first and most important goal is education. Japie makes sure that the students of the department have everything they need in order to study successfully. Lab coats, books and old exams are provided by Japie. Furthermore the feedback about every course is gathered by Japie via educational meetings. The coordinator of education of Japie collects and summarizes all the information provided by the students and makes sure that information is passed on to the responsible teacher. The feedback provided by Japie is highly appreciated by the teachers.

Besides education feedback, Japie gives its members the opportunity to develop their so called soft skills. Members can take part in several committees. The committees vary from a freshmen committee, which organizes four smaller activities throughout the year, to a study tour committee, which organizes a trip of four weeks to a foreign country. While taking part in a committee, members can improve their communicative, cooperative or presentational skills.

The final goal is quite self-explanatory: fun. Japie organizes a variety of relaxing, sporty or social activities. A casino night and a survival day are the perfect examples of this. Having fun with friends and meeting new people are great ways to re-energize after a long day of studying.

Skills Lab

Student team that is in contact with many professional trainers to supply you with the skills you need to get the career you want.
At Skills Lab you can participate in many workshops related to teamwork, writing, presenting and much more, all to help you develop professionally. Workshops are open to every TU/e student. Skills lab also provides online trainings (e-courses) that are designed to give you aan introduction to and focus attention on which skills you might want to improve. The e-courses are ideal to see where your interests are, and to further develop them using the skills libraries or our workshops of course.

Career Academy

Career related workshops and activities, as well as coaching and professional checks.
Do you have questions about your career path, the job application process or do you want help finding out what kind of career would suit you best? TU/e Career Academy can help you find your way to the labor market by providing information, career-related workshops and activities, as well as individual career coaching. Furthermore, you can find Career Academy every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12:00 and 15:00 in the EnergyForum (MF-building, 1st floor). During these walk-in sessions you can easily get a free CV, cover letter or LinkedIn check.