Social Contact and Community


Study Association

Association where you can connect with other students from your department.
T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’, Japie, is the study association for all the students of Chemical engineering and Chemistry, for both bachelor and master students. The goals of Japie can be split up into three categories: education, self-development and fun. The first and most important goal is education. Japie makes sure that the students of the department have everything they need in order to study successfully. Lab coats, books and old exams are provided by Japie. Furthermore the feedback about every course is gathered by Japie via educational meetings. The coordinator of education of Japie collects and summarizes all the information provided by the students and makes sure that information is passed on to the responsible teacher. The feedback provided by Japie is highly appreciated by the teachers.

Besides education feedback, Japie gives its members the opportunity to develop their so called soft skills. Members can take part in several committees. The committees vary from a freshmen committee, which organizes four smaller activities throughout the year, to a study tour committee, which organizes a trip of four weeks to a foreign country. While taking part in a committee, members can improve their communicative, cooperative or presentational skills.

The final goal is quite self-explanatory: fun. Japie organizes a variety of relaxing, sporty or social activities. A casino night and a survival day are the perfect examples of this. Having fun with friends and meeting new people are great ways to re-energize after a long day of studying.


International student association of the TU/e, also open to Dutch students.
Community that provides a warm and welcome environment for the international students of the TU/e. With members from over 80 different countries, Cosmos provides a voice for the international students on matters related to the TU/e. They have several committees that organize activities, as well as the introduction day(s) for the new internationals at the TU/e in August every year. Despite its many internationals, the association also embraces Dutch students who are interested in connecting with and learning more about different cultures.


Fully inclusive community for LGBTQ+ members as well as straight friends.
Compass is an association with as a goal to celebrate diversity and expand their circle of like-minded people. They organize events open to all but centered around LGBTQ+ themes. They show their visibility as an LGBTQ+ community and create a community for people to meet and make friends.


TINT hosts events with the focus on meeting new people, learning from others and gaining new insights and life skills.
TINT offers students the opportunity and a safe place to deal with questions related to personal development, the meaning of life, spirituality, mindfulness, and living in a multicultural diverse community. For that, TINT organizes events and workshops with a wide variety of themes such as self-leadership, identity, work-life balance, future dreams, burn-out prevention, mindfulness, among many others. Also, TINT welcomes students for confidential one-to-one conversations with a life coach who is happy to listen to what is in your mind, help structure your thoughts and to find your path again. Just feel free to contact any of TINT Life Coaches!

Students looking for more mindfulness in their life can join the weekly mindfulness breaks or explore in their own time the TINT Podcast - Tools for life with inspiring conversations and guided meditations. In addition, TINT coordinates the umbrella organization Credo that encourages the meeting, exchange, and cooperation between students with different philosophical, spiritual, and religious backgrounds.


Community that focuses on the mental well-being of students and staff on the Eindhoven campus.
Lighthouse is a community of people who are struggling with different mental health issues They aim to support each other and share common experiences in the hope to feel less alone with our problems. To do so, they organize walk-in hours and support meetings focusing on the mental well-being of students and staff members. These meetings are open for everyone to join.

Student Associations

The TU/e has three student associations where you can meet other students from the university.
Compositum is the umbrella for all three student associations in Eindhoven: Het Eindhovens Studenten Corps, SSRE and Demos.

Sports Associations

The TU/e has a wide variety of sport associations where you can connect with students that share your same interests.
ESSF is the student sports umbrella for Eindhoven. They represent all those using the student sports facilities, as well as the student sports associations in Eindhoven. Visit their webpage to find out all the different sports associations.

Culture Associations

The TU/e has a wide variety of cultural/creative associations where you can connect with students that share your same interests.
Scala is the umbrella association of the cultural student associations in Eindhoven, located in the Luna building on the TU/e campus. The associations offer many different activities, ranging from dance to board games, from theater to photography, and much more. This website provides an overview of Scala, here you can find more information about the associations, including contact details and links to their own website.

Religious Associations

The TU/e has a wide variety of religious associations where you can connect with students from the university.
Credo is the religious umbrella association, representing all spiritual and philosophical student associations, aimed towards connecting all life views. Everyone has a way of looking at life, the students of the TU/e have a large diversity in backgrounds. It’s important to find people with similar views on life as well as different views. Finally, the goal is to maintain meaningful contact between every student while discovering your path in life.