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Syclus: Circular Green Plastics in Europe

 Health, environment, public safety, living standards, hazards, poverty and the use of natural resources all have been greatly improved by the application of new materials from the chemical industry. Most of these materials are made from the intermediate chemical ethylene. Ethylene is made from fossil resources produced by the oil and gas industry. The production of ethylene is one of the biggest sources of industrial Green House Gas-(GHG) emissions, and comes #4 after cement, steel and fertilizer. Despite this, the reality is that the impact of humanity on global warming would have been much worse without ethylene and the products derived from ethylene.

 To keep benefitting from the positive impact of ethylene derived products we need a major improvement in ethylene production and the feedstock. Bio-ethylene made from bio-ethanol is such a major improvement. At the moment this bio-ethanol is blended in the motor gasoline, which use in Europe will rapidly decrease by electric cars, stricter fuel efficiency standards and eventually the phase out of the combustion engine in cars.

 Syclus’ ambition is to become a leading producer for 100% biobased and fully circular raw materials, starting with bio-ethylene. These will be used for making plastics and offer society an alternative to oil based plastics and hard to recycle bio plastics. Plastics made from Syclus bio-ethylene have a low carbon footprint and can be recycled. Syclus plans a production facility for the production of 100 kilotonne per annum capacity. We want to realize this at the Chemelot site in The Netherlands.

 The conservatively projected improvement of applying our product is estimated to result in a saving of 2,7 tCO2/t ethylene. This is a reduction in CO2-footprint of 135% compared to average European (fossil-based) ethylene. This means our product has a negative CO2-footprint at the factory gate: the sum of supply of raw materials to our projected plant, production, purchase and application of our product results in less CO2 in the atmosphere.

 Syclus is expanding the Team and is hiring Chemical Engineers, please see the careers section on our website: