Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Tennis, (indoor)football, (beach)volleyball, judo, boxing, swimming, athletics, speed skating, polefitness, cheerleading, fitness, squash, core class, pilates, capoeira, Fuse, spinning, rope skipping, yoga, rugby, zumba, and much more.

The Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSC) has over 11.500 members and is the beating heart of Eindhoven student life! All TU/e- and Fontys students enjoy the most extensive and complete sports program of Eindhoven. 70 sports, (special) courses, extensive facilities, open 7 days per week and qualified (professional sports) teachers. With our 40 student sports clubs you can improve your sports skills, show your organizational skills and enjoy student life.

For just € 96,- you can exercise the whole college year 2019-2020, during working days, weekends and holiday periods.

Should you have a (graduation)project dealing with health, sports or exercise, let us know. Perhaps we could improve each other.

Students Sport Centre Eindhoven

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