Baril Coatings

Baril Coatings started in 1982 with the production of paint and coatings. The company has grown into a developer of innovative, sustainable solutions and is active in several European countries and the US, and with production locations in the Netherlands, the US and Poland. Baril supplies high-quality, industrial coatings and construction paints that are exceptionally durable to steel and utility construction, OEM and metal industry, marine and offshore, painting companies and consumers worldwide.

 Baril Coatings chooses for solutions that helps our customers to protect their objects sustainable while reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. We do this by extending the lifespan of materials with less coating (thin layer technology), by using less hazardous substances in the products and by low emission production. We challenge ourselves to do better every day in terms of sustainability, efficiency and quality. Our products have to suffice the highest quality standards. We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to choose between sustainability, price and quality.

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