One of the more important aspects, but perhaps not as interesting, is financing your adventure abroad. One way to do that is to get a grant or scholarship. To do this, there are a few options, not all of which may apply to you. Therefore, starting to look for these grants on time is very important, as for some grants/scholarships the deadline is 3 months before you go on your journey. One website where all scholarships that can apply to you can be found on Beursopener at WilWeg. Please do mind this is a Dutch site, but you can translate it by clicking the right mouse button and selecting ‘Translate to English’. If this is insufficient, ask any Dutch student, I am certain they are willing to help you out!

Additionally, there are a few grants that you can apply for via ESA/International Office. These grants are the Erasmus+ Study, Erasmus+ Placement, TU/e Fund International Experience, and the Holland Scholarship. These are available for students that go abroad for at least 3 months (90 days, 13 weeks) and max 12 months, and you receive at least 15 credits for the International Experience.

Firstly, Erasmus+ Study is for students undertaking an exchange or research project at a European university with which the TU/e has a bilateral agreement within Erasmus+ Study. This is a fixed amount depending on the destination & duration of stay.

The Erasmus+ Placement is for students going to do an internship at a company/institute in one of the associated countries. The grant amounts are on an individual basis, depending on the country, the duration of the stay, and the income of the internship. If the net income from the internship is larger than 1000 euros, you are not eligible for the grant. A list of eligible countries for the Erasmus+ program can be found in the programme-guide at Erasmus+.

The Fund International Experience is a mobility fund for students who do an exchange/internship at a university/institute/company not in the Erasmus+ area or a non-Erasmus university within the EU. The grant is a fixed amount, depending on whether the destination is within the EU/EER or not.

Finally, the information about the Holland Scholarship can be found at Study in NL, where you can find all necessary information.

Next to this you can search for external funds using the Scholarship Portal, for studying abroad and for exchanges and/or internships, if this applies to you, and for more information on external scholarship programs that you could apply for you can go to European funding-guide.

One additional fund you can take as a Dutch student is to take your study funding (studiefinanciering) with you or save up some of it in the months before the trip. Of course, you can find a small part-time job in the country you are going to, you can sublet your room in the Eindhoven, or ask companies if they can fund your internship or studies, perhaps in exchange for a case study.

If you want additional information on all this, we advise you to look into the following websites below, where the info given above originates from.

Financiën at WilWeg

Education-guide of the TU/e for grants, funds and scholarships

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