Hi! We are Chemploy

We are a full-service team of skilled engineers, qualified support staff…. (and big fans of Eindhoven, the Braai, good Coffee, Stroopwafels, the Efteling, and Sustainable Life… But not necessarily in that order 😉)

We break free from the chemical engineers’ stereotype doing things that others only dream of!

 We Provide technological expertise in manufacturing and R&D. Dedicated to the chemical, food and life sciences industries in the entire Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.

We are keen on engineering, digitalization, technical and feasibility studies, process scale-up, design and review of safety systems, storytelling at campfires, synthesis with and without carbon atoms as well as analysis. From concept to realization including drinks and bites on Friday.

 So…..What is so special about us?

Like all great companies, we strive for the best results, value excellence, and satisfied customers…

What is special about Chemploy though is how we:

  • Are guided by our 10 principles
  • Contribute to your personal growth and development, offer coaching and training like no other company
  • Envision management and leadership
  • Solve For The Customer #SFTC approach

We also offer extraordinary benefits for extraordinary people like:

  • Best in class salaries
  • Unlimited holidays
  • No clauses (no competition, study clause, relationship clause or anything else)
  • Work visa, relocation services and tax friendly where possible
  • Outstanding mobility plan
  • Permanent contract
  • Need anything else? We have that too!

Our Goal?

Be the # 1 employer for professionals in chemicals, food and life sciences. Working with our clients to make a positive impact. We contribute to a transition from a linear to a circular economy, tackle climate change and make installations flourish. We embrace the use of technologies such as big data to create a more digital and autonomous environment making skillful use of automation and data analysis to become more efficient. We love challenges in terms of safety and can develop understanding, almost in real-time, about risks and how to manage them effectively.

 Be part of us?

We always look forward to get in touch with you! Feel free to send an email to or give a call to +31(0)46-2060008 and we are happy to take it from there!