T-Licht delivery options!

T-Licht now has delivery options that can be changed in your personal profile settings. You can choose to have T-Licht sent to you digitally, to pick it up in the Japie room, or to have it delivered to your provided address.

In an effort to streamline T-Licht, we know that many people have different preferences for receiving their T-Licht magazine. We've opted for one of three options, either receiving it digitally, being able to pick it up, or to have it delivered to your home address. Be sure to update your preference if you change your mind.

Furthermore, the T-Licht editorial board is looking for new members, who enjoy writing, editing, or designing articles for our Association magazine, ‘T-Licht’. If you want to trial writing an article, reach out to the editorial board by sending an email t-licht@tsvjapie.nl and see if being a part of T-Licht is something for you! We hope to welcome you into the fold!