Department Council

Do you want to be the first to know what is happening within the faculty and be able to discuss about these topics? Then the department council might be the right place for you. The Department Council of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry (FR-ST) is hosting an information lunch on Tuesday 13 October to get to know more about being part of the council and the upcoming elections.

Dear students of the department Chemical Engineering and Chemistry,

On Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 December 2020, the annual central elections for both the University Council and the Department Councils of Eindhoven University of Technology will take place. The Department Council Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (FR-ST) is the council of representatives of our department. The council consists of student and staff members, both consisting of five persons. The duty of the FR-ST is to critically evaluate the general course of events of our department. To fulfill this task, the FR-ST meets with the board of the department once a month to advise them on their policy.

In case you are interested to join the FR-ST during the year 2021, you can apply as a candidate. Next week Tuesday 13 October at 12:30, we will give an online information meeting about what it means to be part of the Department Council. You are cordially invited to come by for more information or to ask any further questions. The link to this meeting can be find at the bottom of this message. If you want to apply as a candidate for the FR-ST, you can send a mail or message before Thursday 22 October 2020 latest, to Tijmen van Veen (, 06-22878275). If there are any questions or uncertainties, don’t hesitate to get in contact with any of the current members.

With kind regards,

The student-fraction of the Department Council Chemical Engineering and Chemistry,

Dennis Thuy, Jule van Basten, Limi Kalapurackal, Lynn Bosveld and Tijmen van Veen