Cancellation ONCS 2021 and MEC 2021

Dear reader, we sadly have to announce both the ONCS and the Study Trip will not take place this year.

For the ONCS all participants have been informed about the situation. However, the reasons for cancelling the event are the uncertainty and expectations for the date of the activity. The government has forbidden events from happening until the 5th of May. With the ONCS taking place one week later, the risks were too high. Especially, since the country needs to be in risk category 1 of the road map, whereas the highest level is currently where we are living in. Looking at alternatives where no BBQ or drink would be organized was no option, as this surpasses what the ONCS stands for.

The Study Trip has also been cancelled due to the amount of uncertainty. Because the lockdown has been prolonged in Germany, companies are still selling a 'no' to the Study Trip Committee (MEC). Therefore, no full and educational program can be made yet. On the other hand, the first big expenses had soon to be made. The final result is a cancellation as to prevent risking unnecessary costs. We hope you respect the choices that have been made.