FSE-DB Prospectives

Interested in doing a part-time board year at the FSE-DB? Find out what this includes and when their information lunches are being held.

The Federation of Study associations Eindhoven, in short FSE, is an umbrella organization that represents the eleven study associations at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The goal of the FSE is to represent the interests of students at the TU/e through the study associations. We do this by facilitating commutation between the study associations, and by being the contact point for the university. Each study at the TU/e has its own study association. Study associations offer services for students and are managed by students. The study associations organize a lot of activities, some study related and some leisure activities. Eleven associations are member of the Federation of Study associations Eindhoven. They form the Governing Board of the FSE. Next to that, the FSE has the Executive Board which is responsible with the daily operations.


The Executive Board (Dagelijks Bestuur, aka DB) is responsible to coordinate all matters relevant to the FSE. Every month there is a meeting with the Governing Board (Algemeen Bestuur, aka AB). This board consists of all the chairs of all the study associations. Next to those there are working groups meetings of the FSE and meeting with different TU/e services. These different tasks and responsibilities are defined in the following portfolios:

• Committee officer grant distribution (Bestuursbeurzen)

• Bars (licenses, Emergency Response Officers Courses, supervision, etc.)

• BHV courses

• Introduction week

• Momentum

• FSE-Day (which includes the Borrel XL)

• Education and Central Book Sale

• Career (My Future, Career Advisory Committee)

• FSE-calendar and annual scheduling meeting

• Christmas market activity


The FSE Executive Board consist of the following roles:

• President: Responsible for all the general matters. Also, the chair of the FSE-AB meetings.

• Secretary: Responsible of the internal and external communications. Next to that the minute taker of the FSE-AB meetings.

• Treasurer: Responsible for the bookkeeping of the foundation.

• Vice-President: The fourth role with no extra responsibilities.

Next to the tasks depending on your role, every board member has a few portfolios mentioned in the tasks. Some of these portfolios can be shared with other board members. Thus, a role is not coupled with portfolios. Some of the portfolios have working groups. These working groups have members of different study associations. Most of the time the Executive Board member responsible of that portfolio will be the chair of the working group. He is then also accountable for the Governing Board. Of course, there is always room to start new working groups or initiatives.

The executive board of the FSE is a part time board. This means that on average the workload of two and a half day is distributed throughout the week. To compensate for your lost study progress, you can apply for a committee officer grant (Bestuursbeurs). During a board year at the FSE, you will get to know all study associations and other higher ups of the university. During the many drinks, parties and dinners (after a FSE-AB meeting) you may attend, you can grow your network and can have an awesome time. Also, during different drinks and meeting you will meet the other umbrella organizations of the TU/e. Are you exited to run such a big organization and to bring different viewpoints together? Do you want to be part of a dynamic (part time) board year, during which you will meet a lot of new people? Are you capable of getting people on the same page and defend this to others? Then contact us!

For more information please email fse@tue.nl or contact your own study association board.