Update Coronavirus

Due to an update of the TU/e policy regarding the coronavirus as of March 13th 2020. New actions have been taken. The board also wants to update you about the situation regarding education.

Unfortunately, all activities of Japie untill March 31st have been cancelled due to the new TU/e corona policy.

The following activities have been canceled: Fighterpilot F.O.R.T., the Student council, Pub crawl with CODON and Nicolas Appert, G.M.M. 246, Japie - van der Waals pubquiz, ACTcIE Activity 3: (Apr├Ęs-)Ski Weekend. This also means there will not be a Thursday Drink in the F.O.R.T.

As you all might know, the decision has been made to offer all education digitally. To facilitate this the college free week (week 8) will be moved to next week (16-3-2020 to 22-3-2020). Because this week will be moved and the digital lectures/guided self-study etc. quite some things change. Students will inevitably experience some trouble. Because this is an entirely new situation, no-one exactly knows how to act. That is why your feedback is extra important at this moment. We are in contact with Patrick Groothuis (managing director of ESA) and Frank Baaijens (Rector Magnificus TU/e) to point these kind of problems out. We will process feedback about course-specific issues as well. For example, if there is a course that requires the college free week, that now is not before the exams anymore; we can pass this along. You can provide feedback via onderwijs.japie@tue.nl

For updates about the TU/e guidelines, please visit www.tue.nl/corona.

The board asks for your understanding, and will inform you when there are necessary updates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.