Lunch Lecture HoSt

Friday 18 February, 12:30–13:30
Participant contribution: €1.00
Mandatory payment before subscriptions close: no

On Friday 18 February HoSt is visiting Japie to give a lunch lecture!

HoSt is an international operating market leader of the full range of bioenergy systems. Companies from all over the world approach them to ask for help in their waste treatment. Using HoSt's technology they can produce bioenergy from this waste. Those other companies can then achieve their waste goals and contribute to the energy transition. HoSt was only founded in 1991, but is a fast-growing company and is actively expanding.

In March we will also go on an excursion to HoSt. This is a nice opportunity to see if you are interested in HoSt. This lunch lecture is mainly interesting for CPT students.

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Note: This activity is worth 1 MyFuture Activity.

  • Location: F.O.R.T.
  • Minimum participants: 15
  • Maximum participants: 35
  • Subscription deadline: Friday 11 February, 14:00