Committee information

Tuesday 11 May, 12:30 – Wednesday 12 May, 13:30

Are you interested in doing something besides your study? Come and join one of the committees of Japie! Here you can learn all sorts of things that could be very useful for the rest of your carrier! But most of all it is very fun! If you want to learn more about this, join us on the 11th and 12th of May for the committee information and see what committees fit best!

Besides the regular committees, the candidates of the 64th board will present a new committee. The ExcurCie will organize multiple trips to other cities in the Netherlands for all members. They are looking for both experienced and less experienced members to join this committee!

Below you can find a schedule of which committee will present at what time:

Tuesday, 11-05 (Link)

12:30-12:45    MEC

12:45-13:00    T-Licht

13:00-13:15    ChefCie

13:15-13:30    BatCie


Wednesday, 12-05 (Link)                 

12:30-12:45    ACTcIE

12:45-13:00    J.A.P.I.E.-cie

13:00-13:15    ExcurCie

13:15-13:30    GLF-cie

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