Walk & Talk

Wednesday 24 February, 12:00 – Friday 16 April, 21:00

Looking for a buddy to have a nice chat with or someone to talk about your mental wellbeing? Then we are here for you. Plan a nice walk around the campus and have a lighthearted conversation with a (board) member. Walking creates a better atmosphere for talking as you are not directly facing your conversation partner and additionally you will get more vitamin D. Besides, it is always nice to see people in real life again. You can select which person you would like to have a walk with and he or she will contact you.


Possible walking partners:

Douwe Orij – Board

Matthijs Coppens – Board

Sterre Spruit – Board

Vera Crommentuijn – Board

David Reus - F.O.R.T.-cie

Amy van Bezouw - F.O.R.T.-cie

Roy de Haan - F.O.R.T.-cie

Luke de Jong - F.O.R.T.-cie


Also want to become one of the walking buddies? Notify one of the board members or subscribe and give permission in the comment section.

  • Location: TU/e Campus
  • Subscription deadline: Friday 16 April, 21:00