Cohort consultations quartile 3

Monday 1 March, 12:30 – Friday 12 March, 13:30

For the second quartile, the cohort consultation sessions (''jaaroverleggen'') will of course take place once again.

During these meetings, a member of the educational council will be present to collect all your feedback on the courses of the second quartile. The meetings will take place during the break (12.30 - 13.30) in Microsoft Teams. The link for these meetings can be found in your mailbox and in the overview below.

Below you can find an overview of all dates where the cohort consultation will take place:

Freshmen: Monday, 1st of March, Link

Second years: Thursday, 4th of March, Link

Third years: Thursday, 4th of March, Link

Pre-masters: Friday, 8th of March, Link

CPT Masters: Friday, 12th of March, Link

MSMC Masters: Friday, 5th of March, Link

  • Location: Microsoft Teams