Student Wellbeing - Addiction

Thursday 11 March, 12:30–13:30

Student Wellbeing is becoming a more important topic within the student society. That is why Japie is starting a pilot in which topics like loneliness, stress and sleeping problems will come by. Each week there will a discussion hour to share your problems, help each other, but also learn from one another. You can participate actively or just simply listen, we want everyone to be comfortable. All hours will be guided by the student diversity officer from the SSC Lara Hofstra. She has more experience in this field and can give additional information on certain topics. Sharing is caring, so join the discussion talks and share what you are facing. Of course, you can also take a more passive role and mainly listen. As long as you are comfortable. 

When talking about addiction, the topic mostly goes towards alcohol and drugs addiction. However, there are more types of addiction that might even influence you. Think about gaming or social media. These can take up a big part of the day, whereas these hours should be used more useful. We will discuss how to deal with these kinds of addictions and you have to chance to open up and share your story. 

  • Location: Microsoft Teams
  • Subscription deadline: Wednesday 10 March, 16:00