Japie Webshop - Free Delivery!

Friday 5 March, 10:00–17:00

The new Japie winter collection is now in store! Looking for a scarf to keep you warm during these cold days, or some touchscreen gloves that still make you fully use your phone? Then now is your chance, because there is now free shipping to your home in Eindhoven. The Blue Brigade is here to deliver your package at your doorstep in time, so check the outlet and add your favorite items to your cart by hitting the ‘subscribe’ button. The digital check-out you have to imagine yourself as we only request you to transfer the money to NL54 INGB 0001 0763 30 under the name of T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ and by adding your name and ‘merchandise’ in the description. Happy shopping in the Japie store! #blue4you

  • Japie Touchscreen Gloves              €1.-
  • Japie Bottle Opener                        €1.-
  • ONCS Bag                                        €1.-
  • Japie Socks                                       €2.-
  • Japie Scarf                                        €2.50
  • ChemNote                                        €2.50
  • Japie Tie                                           €3.50
  • Japie T-Shirt                                     €3.50

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  • Location: Home Sweet Home
  • Subscription deadline: Thursday 4 March, 16:00