F.O.R.T. Ruin Your Childhood

Wednesday 30 September, 19:30–22:15
Participant contribution: €2.50
Mandatory payment before subscriptions close: no

Do you remember the games you used to play when you were young? It’s time to ruin them forever by turning them into drinking games! Join us for our first activity on the campus this year, where we will have your favorite childhood games and some nice adult drinks. Take this opportunity to show you haven’t lost your skill or luck! Make sure to subscribe and relive some childhood memories.

  • Location: To be determined
  • Minimum participants: 20
  • Maximum participants: 32 (Draw will take place in case of oversubscription via our Domestic Regulations)
  • Subscription deadline: Tuesday 29 September, 14:00
  • Draw date: Tuesday 29 September, 16:00