Committee market

Wednesday 24 April, 12:30–13:30
Target group: Japies

Companies are often looking for high potential students. Since a few years, the grades a student obtains during its time at the university are less weighed compared to additional activities. Doing committee work counts tremendously towards these additional activities. By doing a committee at Japie, you will gain experience in professional settings, such as having meetings, taking minutes, organizing activities, communication, and much more!

During the committee market, you will get the chance to meet the committees. We are currently setting up two new committees that will be presented by the (candidate) board:

  1. External Affairs committee (will help with contacting companies and organize several career events)
  2. GalaCie (organizes the next Japie gala)

Next to this also our current committees that will be present during the committee market and these are the following:

  1. ACTcIE (organizes fun activities, interesting for 2nd year students)
  2. BatCie (organizes sport-related activities)
  3. ChefCie (organizes dinners for the members + with other committees)
  4. Gouden Loper Festival Committee (organizes a craft beer festival TU/e-wide)
  5. J.A.P.I.E.-cie (works behind the scenes to improve the Japie websites)
  6. LadyCie (organizes activities for the ladies of the association)
  7. Study Trip Committee (organizes a 5-day study trip to within Europe)
  8. Study Tour Committee (organizes a month long trip outside of Europe)
  9. T-Licht (works on the T-Licht magazine, writing and designing articles)
  10. ICie (organizes activities aimed at the international students of the association)

We are looking for new members for all of these committees, so make sure to drop by if you want to know more!

  • Location: Staircase Helix ground floor
  • Minimum participants: 7
  • Maximum participants: 661