T-Feest 2: Heaven and Hell

Tuesday 27 February, 21:00–02:00
Target group: Party people
Participant contribution: €1.00
Mandatory payment before subscriptions close: no

Hi party devils (or angels)!

After quite some time without a T-Feest, it is time for a T-Feest 2: Heaven and Hell. So it is time to bring out the devil inside of you and party like never before! Or if you feel more like an angel it is time to beat those devils and see who can party better😇😈.

Make sure to be there in time however since the first keg of beer will be free🍻 :)

You can buy your tickets in the Japie room for €1,- or you can buy them using a QR code for €2,- at the door. 

  • Location: Café Costa
  • Minimum participants: 5
  • Maximum participants: 665