Dies G.M.M. 267

Wednesday 29 November, 09:45–15:00
Target group: All japies

On the 29th of November the 267th general members meeting will take place! The G.M.M. will start with the discharge of the VIIth F.O.R.T. lustrum committee and the XIIIth lustrum committee, thereby officially finalizing the lustrum year. Besides that, the GLF committee, symposium committee, activity committee, freshmen committee and ladies committee will present themselves for the first time.  

The symposium committee will not only introduce themselves and present their budget for approval, but they will also unveil the topic of the upcoming symposium and their logo!

Furthermore, the committee Wervingsdagen will present their plans for their activities this year.

Twan Scheres will present his piggy bank application for a new batch of Japie ties, and the XIIIth lustrum board will present a revised version of their annual report.

Finally, the advisory board has found a new member in Matthijs Mulder, whom the board will propose to install. Sterre Spruit and Amy van Bezouw will be proposed to be discharged from the financial committee and Twan Scheres and Sander van den Brink will be proposed to be installed in the financial committee.

  • Location: Helix STW 0.05
  • Minimum participants: 7
  • Maximum participants: 661