Cohort Consultations Quartile 4

Monday 24 April, 00:00 – Saturday 1 July, 00:00

A new quartile means new cohort consultations (‘jaaroverleggen’). Each cohort consultation will take place during the lunch break (12:30 – 13:30)!

During this meeting, a member of the educational council will be present to collect all of your feedback on the courses of the third quartile of the new academic year.

Below, you can find an overview of when and where your cohort consultation takes place:

First Years: Wednesday, 17th of May, STW 1.91 and Wednesday 7th of June, STW 1.91

Second Years: Thursday 25th of May, STO 1.91

Third Years: Thursday 25th of May, STW 1.91

MSMC Master: Monday 22nd of May, STW 1.91

CPT Master: Wednesday 24th of May, STW 1.91

  • Location: STW 1.91 or STO 1.91