ONCS 2023: WURst Casein Scenario [Subscription round 2]

Wednesday 17 May, 21:00 – Friday 19 May, 14:00
Participant contribution: €33.00
Mandatory payment before subscriptions close: yes

Be aware that you must pay before the deadline closes!

An academic year is not complete without the most amazing event of the year!

This year, chemists from all around the Netherlands will come together in Wageningen to fight and determine which association is best. Will you help Japie conquer the ONCS trophy for the first time since 2015?

The ONCS will start here in Eindhoven with the traditional Pre-ONCS drink where the board will give away a keg of beer. Futhermore, if you have subscribed, you can enjoy unlimited fries and snacks at a snackbar in front of Helix.

After the drink we will go by train to Utrecht and enjoy the first evening of the ONCS in Wageningen. On Thursday the sports events will start and the association will compete against many other chemical and chemical engineering associations. In the evening there will be an awesome party and of course the traditional beer relays.

On Friday the finals will be played and afterwards the winner of the ONCS will be announced.

There will several sports to play. They are listed below. You can subscribe for a team in the Japieroom.

The sports:

  • Basketball (team of 6, 2 reserves)
  • Blind badminton (team of 2, 1 reserve)
  • Board games (team of 2)
  • Bounceball (team of 4, 2 reserves)
  • Dodgeball (team of 7, 2 reserves)
  • Football (team of 6, 2 reserves)
  • Handball (team of 7, 2 reserves)
  • Kubb (team of 3,3 reserves)
  • Petanque (team of 3, 1 reserve)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (team of 7 players. 3 reserves)
  • Volleyball (team of 6 players, 2 reserves)

Make sure to come to the Japieroom to choose which sport you want to play!

  • Location: Wageningen
  • Minimum participants: 13
  • Maximum participants: 65
  • Subscription deadline: Wednesday 22 March, 12:00