Workshop HoSt

Monday 12 June, 19:00–22:00
Target group: Everyone
Participant contribution: €1.00
Mandatory payment before subscriptions close: no

HoSt offers a total biogas plant solution for the anaerobic digestion of any organic waste stream(such as sludge, grass, solid manure, chicken manure, agricultural by-products, straw, slaughterhouse waste, and liquid waste streams) to produce renewable energy and valuable and sustainable end-products. HoSt’s proven and industry-leading biogas technology guarantees a profitable and highly efficient agricultural, industrial, sludge or 100% manure biogas plant. Biogas plants for every need.

With a biogas upgrading system, the produced biogas can be upgraded to biomethane for gas grid injection or for gas filling stations. Applying a combined heat and power system for electricity and heat production is another option.

HoSt’s proven advanced biogas technology allows our biogas plants to run on a higher organic loading rate due to optimized dosing and mixing, achieving the ideal feedstock mixture resulting in a stable anaerobic digestion process and a high biogas production.

What will the case be about?

One of our account managers at HoSt is visiting American investors in EU. The investors have a business case to built an anaerobic digester to produce 1500 Nm3/h of biogas according to their contract and want to combine it with a membrane-based biogas upgrading running at 16bar. Our account manager is convinced that combining the biogas upgrading with a CO2 and/or biomethane liquefaction system will tremendously improve the business case! A win-win situation! However, he doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge to check his hunch and the Americans want to move fast! The Americans gave a 1.5hr deadline, of course our account manager kindly asks us to come up with the best business case as possible. We accept the challenge!

Would you like to put the theory to the test? Join the workshop and see if you can solve the case!

  • Location: F.O.R.T. and Helix
  • Minimum participants: 10
  • Maximum participants: 25 (Draw will take place in case of oversubscription via our Domestic Regulations)
  • Subscription deadline: Monday 5 June, 14:00
  • Draw date: Monday 5 June, 15:00