XIIIth Lustrum year

Tuesday 4 October, 12:30 – Thursday 15 June, 12:00

Japie is turning sixty-five this year and that should of course be celebrated. During the year there will be multiple activities. On the 4th of October it is time for the big opening. Spread over two days we are organizing a color run. This second day is ended with the first T-Feest of the year. Later in the year we are also organizing a pub crawl in Maastricht, a gala, a reunion, a sports tournament and more. Check out our Instagram page (lustrum_japie) for more updates: https://www.instagram.com/lustrum_japie/

Openings stunt: 4-5 October 2022

Second activity: 15 November 2022

Dies pub crawl: 8 December 2022

Etiquette dinner: 15 February 2023

Dance clinic: 6 March 2023

Gala: 24 March 2023

Reunion: 26 May 2023

Sports tournament: 15 June 2023

For more information about these Lustrum activities, take a look at our special Lustrum website: https://lustrum.tsvjapie.nl/

  • Location: TU/e