F.O.R.T. - Outside Drink

Thursday 6 May, 16:00–18:00

We have another outside F.O.R.T. drink this Thursday! You can subscribe by emailing to fort@tsvjapie.nl. This can be done from Monday 9:00 until Wednesday 18:00. There are tables for 4 people available. But you can only subscribe with two people or just by yourself due to the limited availability of these tables. Please subscribe with your first and last name. For more information check https://fort.tsvjapie.nl/news/2 The dates for the drinks in the coming weeks are:

Thursday the 6th of May at the Flux Field

No drink due to Ascension day

Wednesday the 19th of May in front of Atlas

Thursday the 27th of May Flux Field

Wednesday the 2nd of June in front of Atlas

  • Location: TU/e Campus
  • Maximum participants: 31