Annual plan Q3 and Q4!

Friday 9 September, 00:00 – Saturday 9 September, 23:59

Below one can see all the activities that are planned for the first and second quartile, the dates given here are however subject to change, but most of them will remain as they are indicated here.

Policy GMM: 31-05-2023

GLF: 02-06-2023

Ladycie activity 3: 06-06-2023

FoLuCie special thursday drink: 08-06-2023

Nicolas Appert vs Japie activity: 13-06-2023

VSI-Japie activity: 14-06-2023

LuCie sports tournament: 15-06-2023

EJC ACTcIE barbecue: 15-06-2023

  • Location: Japie