Teijin Aramid

We are Teijin Aramid, a subsidiary of the Teijin Group with a passion for aramid. Our commitment both to our products and to our customers has made us a global leader in aramids. Wherever strength, safety, heat or flame resistance, low weight or sustainability is required, you will find our Twaron®, Sulfron®, Teijinconex® or Technora®. Our products are used worldwide in many different applications and markets, including automotive, ballistic protection, marine, civil engineering, protective clothing, optical fiber cables, and oil & gas. With our four high performance aramids – produced at our plants in The Netherlands and Japan – we offer the widest range of products. And, with unrivalled expertise and experience we are able to continuously work on further innovations. Often in cooperation with customers and partners through our worldwide sales and marketing organization. That’s the power of aramid.

Moreover, Teijin Aramid is one of the nicest companies to work for. This is because we are a multinational company, with high-tech products that contribute significantly to human safety and environmental sustainability. We develop, manufacture, and sell our aramid products based on our passion for the product. To do this, cooperation and mutual respect among colleagues are of primary importance, so it also stands to reason that our employees are given the opportunity to develop their full potential. Our company employs motivated, enterprising people, who work hard on the high- performance products of today and tomorrow. Our work environment can be characterized as no-nonsense, direct and fair. At all levels and at all our locations, we offer opportunities for personal initiative and entrepreneurship. See more at: www.teijinaramid.com and www.teijinaramid.com/careers