XII Lustrum committee

On the 6th of December in 1957, the Technological Study Association ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ was founded. This means that on that very day in the year 2017 we can celebrate the 60th birthday, or the 12th lustrum, of this beautiful association. Such a special occasion obviously shouldn’t just go by, it should be celebrated! Therefore, a year full of activities will be organised by the XII lustrum committee during the academic year 2017-2018. Starting from the grand opening in September, activities such as a lustum gala, a reunion and a sports tournament for all of the faculty will be organised.

Sjoerd van Deinse


Sabine van der Sanden


Dylan Rantong


Lizette Moonen

Coordinator external affairs

Melissa Hanegraaf

Coordinator PR

Marit Kroese

Coordinator PR

Damian Broens