F.O.R.T. Crazy Keg Contest

Thursday 22 February - Thursday 29 March
16:00 - 19:00
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During the 3th quartile, from the 22nd of February until the 29th of march, we will be holding the Crazy Keg Contest in the F.O.R.T.. During this contest, every week we will be having a different keg on draft that has never been in de F.O.R.T. before. We want to encourage people to try these beers and if you like them (especially of you REALLY like them) to order another one. The time it takes for the keg to be empty will be recorded and shown on a scoreboard. At the end of the contest, we can see which keg is the most popular, since it has been emptied the fastest.

This contest has a very important goal in mind: When we get back to the matrix, we will be giving away the most popular beer for free! The winner is sure to be a treat for everyone and will be ideal to celebrate our return.