ONCS 2019: Game of electhrones

Wednesday 29 May, 18:00 – Friday 31 May, 17:00
Participant contribution: € 28.00
Mandatory payment before subscriptions close: no

As every year, there will be an ONCS in May! The ONCS will take place from May 29th 2019 until May 31st 2019, so mark these days in your agenda and be there! During the ONCS you can do a sport, which can be quite sporty, but can also be a bit less intense. This year, this amazing event will be in Enschede. The theme ‘Game of electhrones’ promises an intense and bloody fight. Of course, we have to make sure to be with as many warriors as possible, to wipe the other associations of the earth.

The sports are:

Bounceball (Knotsbal)
Belote (Klaverjas)
Dogdeball (Trefbal)
Battleship (Zeeslag)
Blind badminton

It is very important that you both subscribe via the website and registrate in a team on the registration list for one of the sports at Japie, so you also have spot on a team!

On Wednesday we will traditionally start with a Pre-ONCS drink. If you want, you can register for unlimited fries and snacks, to make sure that you have had enough to eat to make sure that you will survive the hard battle that lies before you. Make sure to subscribe for this together with your subscription for the ONCS itself.

The first night of the ONCS is optional, but since it is a lot of fun to join us for the entire ONCS and the costs will not decrease if you do go with us for two nights, we assume you will join us. If you do not want to join us the first night, please fill this in on the website. 

Finally, since we would like to look like one united army, it will be possible to by a gadget. This year this gadget is a pair of slippers! You can buy them for only € 4,-. The slippers are available for shoe sizes 36 up to and including 51. 


  • Mandatory payment before activity starts: yes
  • Location: Overig
  • Minimum participants: 50
  • Maximum participants: 160
  • Subscription deadline: Friday 5 April at 16:00

Subscription closed.