Lunch discussions future of our association

Monday 25 February, 12:30–13:30

The past time, we have set up goals on topics we did not discuss during the future of our association evenings. To gain your input, we want to organize small meetings during lunch breaks in which a board member will present the goals that we already have set up. Then it is your turn to give your comments on these goals or even come up with some goals yourself. Another important thing is that these meetings are open for everyone!

The schedule for these meetings is as following:
Thursday the 14th of February in STO 2.91: Career preparation

Friday the 15th of February in STO 3.91: Relationship with the department, Board candidate period, Potential members for the association and Inner circle within the association.

Friday the 22nd of February in STO 3.91: Relationship with the university, Customs and traditions, Possibility foundation craft beer festival and the three pillars of the association.

Monday the 25th of February in STO 1.91: Promotion, House style/logo, Collaboration on a national scale and Archiving and administration.

  • Location: Overig