G.M.M. 244 - Change of boards

Wednesday 4 September, 10:00 – Thursday 5 September, 16:00
Member group: All members!

The annual G.M.M. in the first week of september, devoted to a change of boards, switching the F.O.R.T.-committee and installing and discharging a lót of committees!!
This promises to be the most fun G.M.M. of the year with many updates, new plans and ideas and new committees that will introduce themselves. At the same time it will be very important to give sound to your opinion, because we need to know what our members think of the plans for upcoming years. More information will follow!

  • Location: T.B.A.
  • Minimum participants: 10
  • Maximum participants: 500
  • Benefactors allowed. Send an email to see the possiblities and to subscribe.