G.M.M. 241

Tuesday 26 March, 09:30–18:00

On Tuesday the 26th of March G.M.M. 241 will take place. A G.M.M. is the "general members meeting" in which the board explains her plans and ideas and the members can ask questions about this and any other topic they would like to adress.

This G.M.M. is the half-yearly G.M.M. which means that the board will present their progress in the administrative agenda and their finances from the past half year. There will also be important updates from several big committees that will be discharged or briefly explain their process so far. Next to that, the new logo will be brought to discussion and there might be a piggy bank request upcoming...

A lot to have an opinion on, so please visit this G.M.M. to let us know what YOU think about all these topics.

All members will recieve an official invitation with the agenda at least one week before the G.M.M. starts, so stay tuned!!!

The exact start time will be announced later, but we can already tell that the board will provide lunch ;) You are free to walk in or leave whenever you like.

  • Location: STW 0.05 (Gamma)