Cohort Consultation/Jaaroverleg

Wednesday 19 December, 12:30–13:30

For quartile two, the cohort consultation sessions (''jaaroverleggen'') will of course take place once again.

During these meetings, a member of the board will be present to collect all your feedback on the courses of the second quartile. The meetings will take place during the break (12.30 - 13.30). For sacrifising your lunchbreak, coffee, tea and cookies will be provided!

Below you can find an overview of all dates and places where the cohort consultation will take place

Freshmen: Monday 26 November and Wednesday 19 December in STW 1.91
Second years: Tuesday 4 December in STO 1.91
Third years: Friday 30 November in STW 1.91
Premasters: Wednesday 5 December in STW 1.91
CPT Masters: Thursday 29 November in STO 2.91
MSMC Masters: Tuesday 4 December in STO 2.91

  • Location: Overig