Committee overview

Activity committee (ACTcIE) 2018-2019

The ACTcIE (activity committee) organizes several relaxing activities throughout the year. More information

Advisory council (RvA)

The Advisory Council consists of Japie members that are or have been active at Japie or in external functions. They have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the past and are therefore the designated people to inform and advice the board about a broad spectrum of matter. More information

Batavierenrace commissie 2019

This year we are again going to participate in the Batavierenrace and this committee will guide us towards it. Aside from this, they will also organize 3 additional sports activities for Japie to prepare us for the Batavierenrace! More information


The Chef Committee strives to cook high-class food for low prices for Japie members. Once per month after a Thursday drink, the committee provides dinner for a group of members. More information

Committee Wervingsdagen 2019

The Wervingsdagen is a committee that consists of members from different study associations at the TU/e. The Wervingsdagen organizes three career events at the TU/e. The first events are the skills sessions where the TU/e students can get a free workshop. The second event is the career expo where approximately 150 companies gather at the TU/e to inform students about the companies and internships. The third event is the interviewing days where students can have a one on one conversation with companies during a lunch or dinner with eight students. The boards from the study associations depute one board member in the ‘Raad van Toezicht’ (Supervisory Council) from the Stichting Wervingsdagen.

Jule, Freek and Koen are the Japiemembers in this year's Wervingsdagen. More information

Financial committee (FinanCie)

The Financial Committee monitors the accounts and budgets of the board and its committees. The committee also advices the board and the general members meeting on financial matters. More information

Foreign master committee (BuMaCie)

To involve the foreign master students in the Dutch student life, the foreign master committee (BuMaCie) was raised. More information

Freshmen committee 2018-2019

This committee, consisting of four enthusiastic freshmen, organizes fun activities for only freshmen. More information

Hét Tappersgilde (TG)

This certainly is an important committee. Without the drafters, no beers can be drafted in the F.O.R.T. More information

IntroCie 2018

The introduction committee will organize a part of the popular introduction week of the university. The introduction committee will organize the program of the introduction week for the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry for the new students of the department. More information


The “Japie Automatiserings Programmeer Internet en Electronica”-Commitee (Japie Automatisation Programming Internet and Electronics-Commitee) ensures, amongst others, that the Japie-computers are kept running and is continuously working on the improvement of our website. The committee also occasionally organizes a LAN party. More information


This committee organizes activities with as target group ladies! More information

Speciaalbierfestialcommissie (2019)

This committee is planning a new craft beer festival in the summer, called the 'Gouden Loper Festival'. If you are interested, follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on their status. More information

Study tour committee (STC) 2018

The study tour committee 2018 will organize a study tour in the summer of 2018. This committee, which has six members, will visit South Korea and Japan together with the participants of the study tour. More information

Study trip committee 2019

The study trip committee 2019 will organize a study trip to Warsaw! During this trip we will see a lot of companies and some cultural aspects of Warsaw. More information

Symposium committee 2018

The Symposium Committee 2018 is a collaboration between Japie and the Octave Levenspiel Association. The Octave Levenspiel Association is the study association for the ‘Process and Product Design’ program of the faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. The committee will organize a symposium on the 5th of October 2018 with the theme: ‘Sustainability in chemical industry'. More information

T-Licht editorial board

The T-Licht is the association magazine of Japie. The editorial board ensures that the magazine looks fantastic and contains no mistakes. More information

The 31st committee F.O.R.T. 'Pie Debye'

The F.O.R.T.-committee is the committee responsible for drinks and the management of the F.O.R.T. (‘Facultaire OntmoetingsRuimte T’, or faculty meeting space T, T denoting our faculty). Apart from the Thursday drinks, several other Japie-activities are held in the F.O.R.T. Apart from that, the faculty has drinks regularly.

More information about the F.O.R.T. can be found on their own website: More information

XII Lustrum committee

On the 6th of December in 1957, the Technological Study Association ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ was founded. This means that on that very day in the year 2017 we can celebrate the 60th birthday, or the 12th lustrum, of this beautiful association. Such a special occasion obviously shouldn’t just go by, it should be celebrated! Therefore, a year full of activities will be organised by the XII lustrum committee during the academic year 2017-2018. Starting from the grand opening in September, activities such as a lustum gala, a reunion and a sports tournament for all of the faculty will be organised. More information